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The design plans for Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension from Collier Blvd to Desoto Blvd.

Clicking on the button to the right, will allow you to download the design plans

Of particular interest is the 2nd panel which shows the changes from 27th St. NW to 13th St. NW that are presently "dead ends"

This Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension is designed to be a 6 lane divided road system with a planted median.  Cypress Canal which runs 
along the north side of the "dead ends" from 27nd St. NW to 15th St. NW will be moved to the north side of Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension.

Because the Canal  will be moved to the north side of the road, traffic engineers decided that all the roads north Golden Gate Blvd 
from 27th St. NW to 13th St NW will now be connected with intersections to the south side of Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension  - making them "through roads."

This design will allow increased traffic on "through" streets.  This will dramatically change the community atmosphere.

Many of the people leaving on these proposed "through" streets would prefer not to be connected, not to have an intersection , but continue to have a "dead end" street.  Many have voiced an opinion that they would rather have a "sound barrier wall"

​GGEACA is interested in your opinion.  Let us know what you me       President, GGEACA.

If the maps are hard to read email me and I will send you a copy.

DEC 12, 2017 

At the Dec 12, 2017 BCC meeting GGEACA and 11 speakers presented our issues about the renewing the VBX design contract that was suspended in 2008.  Also, 110 petitions were delivered to the BCC.

Because of the workshops and meetings GGEACA hosted-County Transportation staff got to hear the concerns and issues of the residents that would be effected by removing the cul-de-sacs at the end of the 8 affected streets and creating through streets.  

In the agenda item 11-D on this issue, Staff recommended to change the guidelines given to the VBX design contractor - CH2M Hill.  Those changes are that the contractor will develop designs for 3 scenarios:

    1.  Design for all 8 streets to be connected,
    2.  Design for limited or select streets to be connected.
    3.  Design for None of the streets to be connected. 

These 3 alternatives along with associated costs will be brought back to the BCC before a decision is made on the design.

Estates residents will be included in all steps along the way as the design progresses.  GGEACA will keep you informed.